The Dining Room is in the front of the house and is one of the original four rooms in the older part of the house.  At some point, either in the 1940s or during the 1970s renovation, the plaster wall between the dining room and the kitchen was moved. As a result of this alteration, the original structural post and center beam of the house are now exposed in the dining room, along with original ceiling beams.  This structural wood is highlighted by the original pine floors and by an added architectural feature, the wooden clapboard on the south wall of the room.  This clapboard was added during the 1970s work done by Perry Van Vleck, the home's restorer.  Van Vleck wanted to highlight the clapboard wall that was discovered between the two sections of the house; that is, between the older part of the structure and the exterior of the mid-1800's store.  However, the clapboard on the store wall was very plain (as was discovered during the kitchen renovation of 1999, when more of that wall was opened).  Van Vleck found some old and very beautiful, beaded siding from another structure, stained and finished it, and installed it to recall the clapboard originally on the store, now "revealed" on the inside of the dining room.  All of the wood elements in the room play together to form a warm and historic setting for meals and socializing.

The Harbor Master's House

4215 Chaneyville Road

Owings, MD 20736


This home is located in Lower Marlboro, Maryland at the corner of Lower Marlboro Road (MD Rte. 262) and Chaneyville Road.  Get directions.  Only a 45 minute drive from Capitol Hill or Annapolis, or 30 minutes from METRO's Green or Orange lines.

By air - Ronald Reagan National Airport is 60 minutes, Baltimore-Washington International is 75 minutes.